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SIPP Investment

As a SIPP investment individual you have decided that you want more control over your pension. What you are looking for is something that will out-perform the normal big funds. What you are looking for is an investment that has a long track record of out performance, a low correlation to equities, can protect you when things get tough and make you money when markets turn. The answer could well be to invest your SIPP in the best prime London property.

For over thirty years, prime London property has outperformed every other major asset including equities, bonds and commercial real estate. The problem has always been how does a small investor get access to the assets and properties that have always been the preserve of the super-rich? The answer many UK investors have decided to transfer their SIPP from their relevant providers and invest in The Prime London Capital Fund ( This Fund only invests in the very best prime real estate in London (Knightsbridge, Chelsea Belgravia, and South Kensington) and then it improves everything it buys through extending leases and/or refurbishments, perfect for any family interested in SIPP investment. Any SIPP investor also wants to avoid volatility because you do not want the year you retire and require your pension to be the year the UK stock market falls 30%.

Prime London residential property is a much less volatile asset class than UK commercial property and/or equities and makes the perfect pension investment option for SIPPs. The Prime London Capital Fund will give you access to the best London property for as little as £1000 . They will allow you to invest or redeem your SIPP every month. The Fund is the only authorised, listed, open ended Fund with a three year track record in outperforming the benchmark. Over the last three years The Prime London Capital Fund has outperformed its benchmark by over 20%. It has done this with much less volatility than other Funds and it is now set to benefit from the pickup in the markets.

By having your SIPP investment in prime London property you are not only exposed to the London economy but the world economy as it is the worlds' rich who come to London to buy these prize properties and so as they get richer so they want to own in the most sought-after real estate market in the world - prime London. If you want SIPP investments that are invested in the highest quality assets and are managed by an investment manager with a long track record of steady, low volatility performance then you can buy a slice of the best property in the world and know that you can sleep at night. The Fund has many SIPPs investors already, some of whom have large amounts invested and others. The Fund is available to all SIPP investors who want to own quality in their retirement portfolios. For any SIPP property investment advice or solutions contact us online.